Russia: «Russians are cool!» Boxer Mike Tyson hits Moscow

Mike Tyson (English): «I really don't have no thought about it yet, I'm not finished with it yet. It seems pretty interesting, I saw my friend Oliver Stone here so I figured this is a pretty good place.» Journalist (English): «What are your expectations from this forum?» Mike Tyson (English): «I don't have any expectations, no.» Journalist (English): «Did you hear good business networking... Еще with Russian businessmen?» Mike Tyson (English): «Yes, that's what I heard.» Journalist (English): «In which way?» Mike Tyson (English): «I heard Russians have good businessmen... well it proves by looking at, you know, Red Square and everything around it. Beautiful.» Journalist (English): «And do you know Andre Ribinski our Russian promoter?» Mike Tyson (English): «I don't believe I met him.» Mike Tyson (English): «This corporation right here?» Journalist (English): «Yes» Mike Tyson (English): «This is amazing. They have them all over the world and I like to go to as many of them as I possibly can. I think the great insight into this organisation and people can get a lot from it if they are really determined to prosper in business.» Journalist (English): «Tyson, what do you think of Russian character?» Mike Tyson (English): «Russian what?» Journalist (English): «Russian character?» Mike Tyson (English): «Personality?» Journalist, (English): «Yes» Mike Tyson, (English):"Awesome, yeah. Russians are cool.» Journalist, (English): «Why?» Mike Tyson (English): «Because it is, it's good. It's the future really, you look at Moscow and Moscow is really prospering and its prospered over the years as well. It doesn't look like it's going down any time soon. I just think Russia's a good place to make business.» Journalist, (English): «Are they strong?» Mike Tyson, (English):"Strong in which way?.. Yes, very intense.» Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson spoke at a press conference at the Synergy Global Forum, in Moscow on Tuesday. Tyson will gather alongside more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and business people at the international forum. The former boxer called the Synergy Forum “amazing.» He said, «they have them all over the world and I like to go to as many of them as I can.» When asked to describe the «character» of Russian people, the former boxer replied «Russians are cool.»


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