Russia: 'Russian wealth is in the Arctic' says Putin on development plans

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on Russia's plans for the Arctic during his annual press conference at the World Trade Centre in Moscow, Thursday. «The industrial development of the Arctic region is important, including the extraction of a wide range of raw materials,» he said. «I would like to quote [Aleksander] Lomonosov, who has said that the wealth of Russia will in Siberia; now... Еще the Russian wealth is in the Arctic, our main mineral resources are there,» he added. The event is Putin’s 13th press conference and is being held in a live question and answer format. Among the accredited Russian and foreign media outlets are AFP, Bloomberg, Xinhua News Agency, CNN and the Guardian. Reporters from regional press outlets, such as Unknown Siberia and Arkhyz 24, will also have a chance to ask questions. Last year 1,437 journalists were accredited for the event, with 48 of them managing to ask their questions. Putin answered 67 questions last year. This year 1,640 Russian and foreign journalists have been accredited. The 2008 press conference is still the longest ever — at four hours 40 minutes. Putin answered 106 questions during that event. The second longest presser was in 2012, lasting four hours 33 min.


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