Russia: Russian and Iranian fans play «Gentlefan» friendly match before national sides meet

Football fans from Russia and Iran played a friendly game in Kazan on Tuesday before their respective national sides meet. The friendly was arranged as part of the 'Gentlefan — Russian Warm Welcome' initiative. “It’s so exciting, we’re happy, we want to clap [cheer on] and say who [support] and it’s a friendly game so we can clap for Russia, clap for Iran it’s so exciting,” Iranian fan Muhammad... Еще Rajaei said. “Of course, it unites Russia and Iran, international relations. It’s great to play football with these people. The best thing is that these relations become evident during the game,” Russian fan Ivan Shcherbakov said. The initiative was started in February by Rostov fans as they welcomed English football supporters with warm blankets ahead of the Europa League match between Manchester United and FC Rostov.

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