Russia: Russia's patience with US sanctions has «run out» — Duma’s Leonid Slutsky

«Russia has been waiting too long for our, as I call them, strategic friends in Washington to see common sense and to stop [implementing these] unfounded incomprehensible anti-Russian measures which have no common sense: the expulsion of Russian diplomats, the deprivation of diplomatic property, the extension of sanctions. All this suggests that the constructive rhetoric of Donald Trump in the pre... Еще-election period was false.» «It is impossible not to react to such things now. Of course, we understand that we are being provoked. They are tightening the screws even more in order to continue this on both sides and we don’t know how it will end. Russia reacts very reservedly, very professionally and most importantly sensibly. [Barring the use of] The dacha in Serebryany Bor, the warehouses on Dorozhnaya Street and bringing the number of employees of the US diplomatic mission in Russia down to the same number that we have today for Russia in the United States, 455 people». «However, it is a sign that Russia will not take these steps one after the other on the chin, our patience is over. I emphasise again, we are answering in a very restrained, sensible and professional manner. We continue to hope that Washington see common sense and understand the necessity of cooperation with Russia, particularly in such important areas as tackling international terrorism, but so far these hopes have not been fulfilled». «We act on the assumption that the bill will be signed. Let's see how the world community reacts. The European Union Institutes, Brussels are already erring on the side of doubt. Officially, Vienna and Berlin have already spoken in favour of the idea that actually the extension of anti-Russian sanctions is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt of Washington to push their liquefied natural gas to European markets. This is actually the economic expansion of the United States to Europe. And the EU institutions are already thinking. The head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker urged his colleagues to consider what the action should be. And we understand that they will not be reciprocal, like-for-like, as they were in previous times when Washington adopted sanctions and they were duplicated by Brussels. This will not happen. We will not extrapolate exactly how Brussels will respond, but it will not be a mirrored reaction. And this means that the EU institutions are coming to their senses. Let us not exaggerate. They will not immediately revise previously adopted sanctions against Russia. But Europe is seriously thinking if it is worth being a bargaining chip in this not very good game of the USA. And I think that the EU institutions will come to a sensible conclusion». Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Foreign Affairs Leonid Slutsky said Russia's patience regarding the US sanctions had «run out» and America's actions would not be taken «on the chin». Slutsky made the comments in an interview in Moscow, Friday, following Russia's official reaction to the bill approved by Congress earlier this week. The Russian deputy highlighted that Russia was reacting «very reservedly, very professionally and most importantly sensibly.» He emphasised that despite recent revelations, “we continue to hope that Washington sees common sense and understands the necessity of cooperation with Russia».
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