Russia: Russia's most expensive diamonds go on a dazzling display in Moscow

Five dazzling gems cut and polished from a 179-carat rough diamond went on display in Moscow, Tuesday, by the production company ALROSA. The rough diamond was mined in 2015 from the kimberlite pipe in Nyurbinskaya, in the Sakha Republic of Russia. The rock was named in honour of the imperial Romanov house, which celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2013. A precious stone weighing 51.38 carats... Еще, which the company calls the largest and cleanest diamond ever cut in Russia, glistened in the centre of the ALROSA collection on display. All the cut and polished gems have been named after noble families of the imperial era: Dynasty, Sheremetyev, Orlov, Vorontsov and Usupov. President of ALROSA Sergei Ivanov described the rocks' characteristics as «extremely rare in nature.» In November this year, ALROSA is set to auction the unique collection of diamonds.

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