Russia: Roscosmosä Rogozin speaks on delay of first ISS launch in 2019

The Head of Roscosmos, Dmitri Rogozin, said that the first manned launch of this year, scheduled for March 1, may be postponed to the beginning of April, while speaking to reporters in Moscow on Friday. «The fact is that after the events of October 11 [2018, when the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle crashed], we were forced to revise this schedule, and despite the fact that the first launch was planned... Еще for March 1, it may be that we, together with the Americans, will be shifted to a more acceptable date,» he said. Rogozin added that the administrator of NASA Jim Bridenstine «is likely to arrive at one of these launches. When will it take place? I do not exclude that it may not take place in March, but it may be postponed to the beginning of April.» The head of Roscosmos also stated that the space agency plans to hold a meeting on the modernisation of the Soyuz spacecraft for flights to the Moon on Saturday. «We are going to TsNIIMash [Defence industry company] on Saturday, we will have a big meeting on the acceleration of our internal approvals on the super-heavy rocket, Soyuz 5, and at the same time we will touch on this topic,» he said. «If Russia receives in the coming years a manned spacecraft capable of providing an elevator between the ISS and the lunar orbit, then we will have completely different positions in negotiations on international cooperation, including with NASA,» Rogozin added. On March 1, the Soyuz MS-12 manned spacecraft is scheduled to launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

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