Russia: Putin warns a GM human could be 'worse than nuclear bomb'

Russian President Vladimir Putin heeded a warning that one day mankind will break the genetic code and create something that could be “worse than a nuclear bomb”, when speaking to students at the Youth Festival in Sochi on Saturday. Putin used this example to express how important it is to take responsibility for what you are doing. He explained that cracking the genetic code could result in a... Еще man that is “a genius mathematician, a brilliant musician or a soldier, a man who can fight without fear, compassion, regret or pain.” The Russian leader said that if, or when, this happens it is crucial that the human race responds responsibly as, “what I have just described might be worse than a nuclear bomb.” In light of this warning, Putin insisted that his listeners must “never forget about the ethical foundations of our work.” The Russian President later thanked students at the final show of the event for travelling to Sochi to attend the World Festival of Youth and Students, “I am sure that leaving the Russian Federation you will leave a part of your heart here. But Russia will always stay in your hearts. We believe in you.” The 19th World Festival of Youth and Students is held in Sochi between October 15 and 22, with more than 20,000 participants from 150 countries participating in the festival.


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