Russia: Putin says US missile justification 'an explanation for housewives'

SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): «You know, I have seen 'photos' of me riding a bear. I have not ridden a bear yet, but there are such photos already.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Russian President Vladimir Putin described the idea that the United State's missile defence system as purely designed to eliminate terrorists as 'an explanation for housewives watching your programme... Еще' during an interview with NBC reporter Megyn Kelly in Moscow on Thursday, March 1. «But if these housewives can hear what I am saying, if you show it to them and they hear me, they will understand that 9/11 and the missile defence system are completely unrelated,» he continued. According to Putin: «The missile defence system protects from the kind of ballistic missiles that no terrorists have in their arsenal.» The Russian President then noted that in order to be safe from terror attacks 'the major powers must join their efforts.' Putin also stated that he already signalled Russia was set to create a new anti-missile defence system, saying to US authorities «we will develop strike systems that will be able to overcome your anti-missile systems.» According to Putin, he got a response saying «you do whatever you want and we will presume that it is not against us, not against the United States.»

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