Russia: Putin officially accepted as candidate for upcoming presidential elections

Russia’s Central Election Commission officially registered incumbent President Vladimir Putin as a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections in Moscow on Tuesday. The members of the commission unanimously endorsed Putin’s application. «Excluding invalid voters’ signatures, it [the total number of signatures] amounts to 314,605, which is enough to be registered as a candidate,» stated... Еще Aleksander Kliukin, member of the Central Election Commission. Commenting on why 0.39 percent of the signatures were invalid, Sergei Kabishev, authorised representative of Presidential Candidate Vladimir Putin, explained that they resulted from «technical errors, mistakes, missing passport number digits and incorrect data.» In addition to incumbent President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Central Election Commission has so far registered two other candidates for the presidential elections; Pavel Grudinin, put forward by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation; and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.


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