Russia: Putin not happy with rise in Russia’s retirement age

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the Russia’s pension reform during a meeting with FIFA World Cup 2018 volunteers in Kaliningrad on Friday. “Different options [of pension reform] were proposed. People asked me then and keep asking me now which one of these options I prefer. I said earlier and I tell you now — none of them. I do not like any of the options connected with raising the... Еще retirement age,” Putin said, adding that he doubted that many in the government favoured them. Putin also talked about the rise in average life expectancy in Russia from 67 years to 73.5 years in Russia since 1956 and forecasts for this trend to continue. “A decision had to be taken” he said to improve pensioners’ income and “decrease the number of poor people.” The draft of the retirement age reform was approved in the first reading by parliament and is expected to come into force in 2019. If adopted, men will retire five years later at 65 and women eight years later at 63.

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