Russia: Putin lauds latest weapons to FSB to beef security

Russian President Vladimir Putin summed up the country’s challenges and successes in the area international and domestic security while speaking to officers of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in Moscow on Monday. Referencing his March 1 speech in which new ballistic weaponry was unveiled, Putin spoke again about “the latest arms systems and technologies which are aimed at defending... Еще Russia, ensuring strategic parity and thus stepping up the international defence.” “This modern technology has been developed for many years,” he said, adding “I would like to point out that we managed to create effective and swift counter-intelligence protection for these large-scale projects.” Outlining successful operations to prevent terrorism-related crimes across Russia over the past year, Putin said that “68 terrorist crimes, including 25 terrorist acts, were averted.” “We should also develop the capabilities of the World data bank for terror-countering which helps to check promptly individuals affiliated to terrorist organisations,” urged the president, pointing out the growing threat of trans-border and global terrorism. Putin also noted the recent growth of foreign intelligence services’ activities against Russia over the last few years. “As recently as last year the work of 72 employees and 397 agents of foreign special services has been foiled,” he said.

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