Russia: Putin calls for tougher online measures to combat growing cyber threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the permanent members of the Security Council, in Moscow on Thursday, to discuss cyber security threats. During the conference, Putin said that “external invasion of electronic systems in defence and public administration, life-supporting infrastructure and finance and the leakage of electronic documents can lead to the most severe consequences.» The... Еще Russian leader added that «we must take into account that the level of threats in the information space is increasing, the number of risks is increasing, and the negative consequences of various kinds of cyber-attacks are no longer local, but truly global in scale.» Putin stated, «just like in other democratic countries, we must fight those who use the information space to propagate radical ideas, justify terrorism, extremism, resolutely stop attempts to post materials that threaten the security of our state, society as a whole and individual citizens.»


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