Russia: Putin calls Christianisation of Rus' a 'key turning point' in Russian history

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Christianisation of Rus’ was a “key turning point” in Russian history during celebrations held to mark the 1030th anniversary of the event, in Moscow on Saturday. Putin described the Christianisation of the historical territory as an “event of civilizational scale and transforming spiritual force. It determined Russia's subsequent path for... Еще centuries, and had an impact on world development.” “The Christianisation of Rus’ is a starting point for the formation and development of the Russian state, the true spiritual birth of our ancestors, the definition of their identity, self-consciousness, the flourishing of national culture,” Putin concluded. Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus' Kirill noted that the Christianisation of Rus’ is “celebrated in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and other cities,” as the historical nation of Rus' later developed into Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Kirill added that “in this common prayer, mutual grievances, quarrels and divisions are forgotten. This prayer strengthens the solid spiritual ties which exist between our people.”

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