Russia: Putin calls accusations against Russian diplomats in Greece ‘nonsense’

SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): “Agreed, that's what we'll do.” Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia does not agree with the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Greece, calling it “nonsense,” speaking at a press conference with Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras in Moscow on Friday. “I can hardly imagine that someone sane in Greece and Russia might think... Еще that Russia is plotting some intrigues against Greece or some conspiracies. This is just nonsense, it’s just absurd,” Putin said. “If the intelligence services have any questions for each other, which is also possible, for this there are many ways to resolve situations of this kind, without any theatrical gestures,” the Russian leader said, adding “I hope this page really has been turned.” Prime Minister of Greece also stated that “a rainy day in summer does not mean that there was no summer and that we still have no good weather ahead.” “Greece was the only country in the European Union, which is in the European Council, that did not agree with the desire to send diplomats because of the case of Skripal case,” Tsipras added. During the press-conference meeting, multiple memorandums were signed between Russia and Greece in different fields as the countries look to restore ties following the diplomatic spat. Greek Prime Minister, known for his dislike of ties, joked about coming to the next talks with Putin if the latter were to give him a tie.

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