Russia: Putin announces Russia to launch Moon mission

Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): «Yes. The first part of the programme is estimated up to 2030. The programme for building the [Russian] Federation's ship is coming to an end. The development of a super heavy rocket for working on the Moon has already started. No doubt, we’ll work on this and implement the programme.” Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the space pavilion at the... Еще VDNH exhibition centre in Moscow on Thursday, where he announced Russia's plans to launch a mission to the Moon. When asked whether Russia was planning to go to the Moon, Putin replied «Yes. The first part of the programme is estimated [to extend] up to 2030.» Putin added that at the moment Russia was developing «a super heavy rocket» with the Moon mission in mind. With his visit the president commemorated Russia’s Cosmonautics Day, which is celebrated annually on April 12. He also went for a ride in a spaceship simulator at the centre.

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