Russia: Presidential candidate Titov slams inflation policy

Russian presidential candidate and Party of Growth leader Boris Titov held a press conference in Novosibirsk on Tuesday after a meeting with the region’s governor Andrei Travnikov. Titov criticised the Russian government for the inflation rate which he stated has «already receded to two percent” and compared the situation with a “cemetery where nothing develops.” Titov also stated “we [stand... Еще] for the proper economic policy of the state.” “If we continue having an old-styled [economic policy], then [we will be back in the] 90s: poverty, borders, restrictions on the Internet, exit visas», he said. The Party Growth leader then talked about Russian self-exiled businessmen, explaining that there is “no condemnation” about the fact that they left Russia and that they are “willing to return to the country”. “I believe that there is such a need [of a new amnesty of capital] because the previous amnesty excluded article 159 [of the Russian criminal code]. This was the reason that so many people were not granted the amnesty,” stressed Titov. Titov met 40 self-exiled Russians on February 3 in London, and asked them to return to their homeland. On February 7, he released the so-called 'Titov list' which consisted of 16 entrepreneurs who had expressed their wish to return.

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