Russia: President iPhone X hopes to be the Apple of one’s political eye

The launch of the latest iPhone attracted all sorts of characters in Moscow on Friday, including a man dressed as giant iPhone who plans to run for President of Russia . Dressed in warm clothes, scores of people lined the streets outside the store hoping to buy the latest smartphone with one man hospitalized after suffering a seizure following a three day wait for the much celebrated release of... Еще the iPhone X. One man brought what looked like his grandmother to view the spectacle outside the store. Another dressed as a giant phone with a sign reading: «Candidate not for everyone» clearly used the occasion to send a political message. He told the gathered press pack: «I'm iPhone X and I represent myself only. It's totally fine. In fact, the Apple company has existed for over 35 years so I'm eligible to run for the presidency. Here you see my electorate. So I walk around, collect signatures from my supporters.» According to Russian law, presidential candidates must be at least 35 years old. The iPhone X which is loaded with plenty of new high tech features including face recognition and an organic LED screen retails at 92,000 roubles (€1,353; $1,578).
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