Russia: Politicians react to Putin’s Annual Presidential Address

A number of high-ranking Russian politicians shared their reactions following Putin’s Annual Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow on Thursday. Chairperson of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Council of the Federation for the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev stressed “Our opponents in the world would always try to seek some messages in this... Еще speech, would present Russia again as an aggressive, assertive country. This is not the case.” He also expressed hope that “the international community will really try to listen attentively to the messages delivered by Mr. Putin today and will find windows of opportunities in these messages.” “There will be a hysterical reaction in the American mass media, I’m absolutely sure of that,” Member of Russia's Federation Council and former head of Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov said, adding that the speech was also “an offer to sit down and to discuss the situation and come to new conclusions.” State Duma Deputy Evgenii Revenko said “everything is aimed at the main thing, our people. The people, their welfare, security and comfort is above everything.” Over 1,000 people attended Putin's 14th state-of-the-nation address in the Manege Exhibition Center, including members of both houses of the Russian Parliament, members of the government, as well as other officials and prominent figures.

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