Russia: Peskov says Russia’s rise makes West 'uncomfortable'

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitri Peskov said during an interview on Thursday that the rise of Russia makes some Western leaders feel «uncomfortable». The Kremlin spokesperson said, «The more Russia is rising, the more uncomfortable they feel, and the [tougher] they start to behave in international relations.» According to Peskov, the West is «ready to jeopardise... Еще international law, the basics of international relations — free trade and [commercial] regime. They are ready to forget about fair trade. They are ready to forget about [World Trade Organisation] WTO rules. They are ready to forget about [all the] rules when they want to suppress Russia.» Peskov also noted that when Russia faces external pressure, its people tend to «unite around a strong leader.» He said, «This happened numerous times during our history. And of course, partly, it's happening now. Because when you see unprecedented pressure, when you see even craziness coming from some countries, you understand what I mean, well, people cannot tolerate it, they resist. And [by] resisting, they unite around a strong leader.»

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