Russia: Patriarch Kirill delivers Orthodox Christmas message

Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia, delivered a pre-recorded Christmas message to all Orthodox Christians, from Moscow. Patriarch Kirill stated that all imperfections in the world are a result of sin. He called on Orthodox Christians to focus on fighting the root cause of sin instead of fighting the symptoms. He said, «it is impossible for man to... Еще defeat sin on his own. You need divine assistance. That’s why the Saviour gives us the best gift, Himself. He gives every person a unique opportunity to be united to Him.” The head of the Russian Orthodox Church emphasised that “this unification takes place in the Church through the Sacraments. When we come to Christ, all controversies are removed, and all social differences are erased. Christ loves each one of us.” Patriarch Kirill stressed that “Christmas is an excellent opportunity to display the best of what is in you, bringing joy and love to people. Even small works can make this world a better place.” He then encouraged all Orthodox Christians to let “Christmas inspire you to do good works.”

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