Russia: Patriarch Kirill delivers Orthodox Christmas message

Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia, sent his Christmas message out to all Orthodox Christians, from Moscow on Sunday. Patriarch Kirill remarked that almost everyone failed to recognise God when he came down to Earth, because «he turned out to be completely different» from what they had imagined him to be. He noted, «They thought of him as a... Еще formidable and noble king, but a humble unknown virgin gave birth to him. They thought he would enable resolute social changes, but he taught to love enemies.» The head of the Russian Orthodox Church emphasised that God has «revealed to the world the key truth» and has given his followers a new life, the main characteristics of which are «love,» «self-sacrifice» and «loyalty.» However, according to him, «the fortress of these invisible bonds of love has unfortunately weakened. Selfless love not only to God but also to each other is becoming a rarity. While neglecting the divine commandments, people are trying to build their own set of values with no place for true love, self-sacrifice and loyalty. This set of values ruins families, society and state.» Patriarch Kirill then called on Orthodox Christians to «defeat alienation, fear and enmity» and «let our homes be full of Christmas joy again.»


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