Russia: 'Over 98%' of Syria under govt. control — Putin tells Czech president

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Czech counterpart Milos Zeman that «over 98% of the territory [of Syria] is under the control of Syrian government troops,» during a meeting in Sochi on Tuesday. Zeman congratulated Russia for its role in the outcome in Syria, saying: «you have won in Syria, because he [Assad] owns almost the entire Syrian territory expect some small parts.» The... Еще Russian president confirmed the success of the joint military operation and noted that «there are still hotbeds of terrorists, but they are quickly melting under the strikes of our military aerospace forces and the Syrian army, the allies.» Milos Zeman is paying an official visit to Russia. The two leaders are expected to discuss Russian-Czech relations in areas including the economy, culture and humanitarian cooperation as well as European and wider international issues. On Monday, Putin met with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in Sochi to discuss the current military and political situation in Syria and the upcoming 'Syrian People's Congress' in the same city.


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