Russia: Over 70 aircraft take to the skies for Victory Day rehearsals

Russian aircraft and troops geared up for this year's Victory Day parade by conducting a rehearsal at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow Region on Monday. More than 70 aircraft and helicopters took part in the training. The strategic aircraft Tu-160, also known as 'the White Swan', Su-35 fighters and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters were seen soaring through the Alabino skies. Fifth generation... Еще Su-57 fighter jets also participated in the rehearsal. The training sessions for the Victory Day parade are held three times a week. On April 26 and May 3, rehearsals will be held on Moscow’s Red Square. The main rehearsal takes place On May 6. Victory Day is celebrated annually on May 9. The holiday commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War (WWII on the Eastern Front).

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