Russia: Opposition activist Udaltsov detained during rally in Moscow

Sergei Udaltsov, coordinator of Russian opposition movement Left Front, was detained in the centre of Moscow, Saturday, as he was heading to the unauthorized Anticapitalism March 2017. Speaking to journalists, Udaltsov stated that his main demands are the resignation of the «neoliberal government headed by Medvedev and no trust in Putin's presidential election.» He called for primaries to be... Еще conducted among left-wing candidates and «to support him [the candidate] as much as possible in all ways, including street protests in order to compete for victory in March 2018.» Opposition politician and famous author Eduard Limonov was among 30 activists detained by police. The Moscow authorities did not issue a permit for the Anticapitalism March 2017 on Strastnoy Boulevard, in central Moscow. Udaltsov called on his supporters to march during national holidays without flags or placards.
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