Russia: Officials discuss retaliatory response to US pressure on Russian media

Russian Federation Council members gathered together for a meeting on US actions against Russian media, in Moscow on Thursday. The US Congress is holding a hearing on a bill which seeks to force RT to register as a foreign agent. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said these steps are «a clear violation of US domestic legislation and the principles of freedom of speech», and... Еще that «existing legislative mechanisms» allow Moscow to take a «mirror response.» Editor-in-Chief of RT Margarita Simonyan said, «In the end, they have almost strangled our media there, and I am saying that as the head of RT and chief editor of Sputnik, but their media is working perfectly fine here.» Summing up the meeting, Federation Council member Oleg Morozov called upon officials to, among other things, «formally draw the attention of the US Ambassador to the Russian Federation to the inadmissibility of unilateral actions against Russian media and its possible consequences» and «to explain to the Russian and foreign public, that the measures taken by the Russian side are proportionate and strictly responsive to the specific actions of the US authorities.»


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