Russia: Notorious «Werewolf» serial killer on trial for 59 more murders

Reporters were given a rare opportunity to film former police officer and serial killer Mikhail Popkov, also known as 'The Werewolf,' in court in Irkutsk on Tuesday, as he was put on trial for 59 murders and one attempted murder in addition to the 22 killings for which he is already serving a life sentence. Following his sentencing in 2015, Popkov began confessing to other murders. With a total... Еще of 81, Popkov is thought to be Russia's most notorious serial killer, overtaking 'The Butcher of Rostov' Andrei Chikatilo who was executed in 1994, having been convicted of the murder of 52 women and children. «I have rather good' memories of him, since I was the one to investigate the case. At that point, the case was not about him, but about the person who was conducting these crimes,» former colleague Andrei Shestopalov said, adding «he had skills and knowledge, and they helped him to get away from responsibility.» A relative of one of Popkov's victims was excused from participating in the hearing.

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