Russia: No more rest in peace after coffin disinterred in Kaluga

Footage released on Monday shows a disinterred coffin in Nekrasovo village's cemetery in the Kaluga Region. According to a person speaking in the footage, an old man was buried in the cemetery on February 22. The next day his relatives reportedly returned to the cemetery only to discover the exhumed coffin and the grave vandalised. Relatives of the departed man allege that the act of vandalism... Еще may have been carried out by a local funeral company when they didn't order their service and conducted the burial themselves. It is also reported that the man was buried the second time but his coffin was exhumed once again the next day. According to local media, after relatives appealed to the police, they were reportedly told that they had no right for the burial because they did not have official papers for the family grave. The police also stated that the cemetery itself is officially considered to be closed. Nevertheless, the family of the deceased man claims that there were no notifying signs at the graveyard and that the local people continue to bury the dead there.

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