Russia: New ambassador to US Antonov promises to be open with US Media

Newly-appointed Russian ambassador to the US Anatoli Antonov said that he is going to «to clarify certain events in Russia» while being «as open as possible to meet» with US media, in an interview with Russia-1 TV channel, in Moscow on Saturday. «I will be as open as possible to meet with journalists,» stated Antonov. «Maybe [I will] invite American journalists to our embassy. Conversations can... Еще be held sometimes without notes, but in order to clarify certain events in Russia, to understand how we perceive this or that aspect of the policy of the United States of America. I'm also going to go to foreign studios,» he stated. Speaking of his predecessor, Sergei Ivanovich Kislyak, Antonov added that it was «just terrible» that «there was a so-called toxic atmosphere around him, which was created and invented by the Americans,» as he was accused of being «a spy and a major recruiter.» Antonov defended Kislyak, stressing that «he is a highly qualified specialist, who has illuminated his life with a diplomacy [spelled] with a capital letter,» and that he is «a class specialist.» Antonov, who previously served as deputy defense and foreign minister, was appointed to serve as Russia's ambassador to the US on August 21, 2017.
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