Russia: Neither in nor out — Lithuania border residents face bureaucratic nightmare

SOT, reporter (Russian): “No way without him?” SOT, Marina Tsymfer, resident (Russian): “No.” Residents in Sovetsk, Kaliningrad, face a bureaucratic nightmare with their houses surrounded by Russian and Lithuanian border checkpoints on three sides and the River Neman on the fourth, as shown in footage from July 20. The locals must present their papers to border security every time they want... Еще to get home. “They just put the sign ‘Without residence permit and passport entry is prohibited’,” one of the residents Anton Tsymfer explained. He added that due to wet winter weather, the river breaks its banks making it impossible for them to return home without passing over the border. Another local Emiliya Vedernikova also complained that ambulances are prevented from entering the location. “How can I live?” she asked. Deputy Director of the Department of housing in the area, Larisa Bulgakova, said the only way to resolve the issue is to go to court and receive compensation. For now the residents can only enjoy the warm weather but once the river burst its bank, within a few months, they may not be able to leave their houses.

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