Russia: Navalny submits registration for presidential election in Moscow

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny submitted all necessary documents to register himself as a candidate for the upcoming Russian presidential elections in Moscow on Sunday. Footage captured Navalny walking alongside his supporters to the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC). Before entering the building he gave a short statement to the press. «This is a documented evidence of a... Еще widespread political movement that exists. And today we submit this evidence and say that it's impossible not to register us for the election,» he said. Navalny will run for the presidency as a self-nominated candidate. On December 24th, 20 rallies have been held in 20 cities in support of his nomination. Previously, Russian CEC head stated that Navalny is not eligible to participate in the presidential election since he was conditionally sentenced for the embezzlement of «Kirovles» and has an outstanding conviction. The CEC is expected to make a decision on Navalny's application after all obligatory pre-election procedures, such as party congresses and meetings, are concluded.


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