Russia: Navalny says sentence 'present for Putin's birthday'

Moscow's Simonovsky district court found Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny guilty for repeated calls to participate in unsanctioned rallies, Monday. Navalny was sentenced to 20 days of detention. The activist intends to appeal the judgement. Olga Mikhailova, Navalny’s lawyer, said that it was an «outrageous decision» and the court has «violated all kinds of norms and completely... Еще disregarded the Federal Law on assemblies, rallies and processions». After the verdict was announced, Navalny said that he used to be «arrested for the unauthorised rallies but now they do the same for absolutely legal rallies” and called the judgement “a kind of present for Putin’s birthday anniversary». It is the third jail term Navalny will serve this year.
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