Russia: Naval and military drills to repel sea pirates completed in St. Petersburg

The counter-terrorism unit of the Russian Naval Infantry carried out drills aimed at practicing the release of a ship allegedly captured by sea pirates, footage shot in St. Petersburg on Sunday shows. The military and naval exercises were staged as part of the regular trainings of Russian marines, who used to perform scheduled naval missions in the far sea and ocean areas. Among the drills... Еще, marine corps units practiced the landing on a suspicious vessel, the inspection of its upper deck, topside and internal premises, along with the ship's release from sea pirates. Marines from the Pacific, Northern, Baltic, Black Sea Fleets and the Caspian Flotilla participated in the exercises. The Combined Training Center of the Russian Navy which staged the teaching event says that nearly 700 marine infantrymen were prepared over one year to join the counter-terrorism unit of the Russian Naval Infantry .

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