Russia: 'My soul begun to cry' — Russian figure skater Medvedeva on Olympic silver

Olympic silver medallist Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva spoke about her experiences at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, during an interview to RT in Moscow, Wednesday. «After my long programme I started to cry, it was the first time when my soul began to cry, it was just amazing inside, I didn’t expect from myself that I can cry after [a] performance,» she stated. Eighteen-year-old... Еще Medvedeva said that she had a lot of support to focus on her goal, saying however that it wasn’t always easy to continue working amid the constant discussions surrounding the participation of Russian athletes. She said that «about a month before the Olympics» she closed up inside and focused on her goal, therefore keeping herself away from discussions with her teammates. «I talked only with my coaches and only with my parents,» she said. Medvedeva stated that despite the fact that Russian athletes were banned from walking with their national flag at the closing ceremony, she participated because it might have been her «only chance,» but she still hopes for «a second chance in Beijing.» Medvedeva won a silver medal in PyeongChang, finishing second to her teammate Alina Zagitova. The two were forced to compete as Olympic Athletes of Russia (OAR).

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