Russia: 'My result is better than others' — Zhirinovsky on election outcome

Leader of LDPR (formerly Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) Vladimir Zhirinovsky said his election result is better than other candidates, speaking at his campaign headquarters after the preliminary results were announced in Moscow on Sunday. «My losses are 20 times lower than the Communist Party's. In this sense I won. I mean, regarding results. My result is better than other candidates' who... Еще were looking for scandal,» Zhirinovsky said. He stated that «five candidates from eight are figureheads — Titov, Baburin, Yavlinsky, Sobchak and Suraikin and they were intentionally taken for the entourage». «There are tsars sitting in the Kremlin. But there is democracy just for show, for the West — okay, we'll hold the elections and we have another parties. But the power is in the hands of one Kremlin official and the party serves him just for show,» the veteran candidate added. Zhirinovsky is the only candidate who runs in the presidential elections for the sixth time. His first race was in 1991, when he lost to Boris Yeltsin. The Liberal Democratic Party of Russia was created in 1989.

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