Russia: Murder mystery as skeleton discoveries chill Amur to the bone

A mass grave with a number of skeletons was discovered in the outskirts of Amur Region's Blagoveschensk by a local resident, footage from Saturday shows. Vitaly Kvasha was going to build a house for his family and bought a plot of land away from the centre of the city. On October 20, 2018 he was going to make a construction pit. As soon as the man started digging «the shovel stuck in a skull... Еще,» he explained. Asked about how he felt about it, Vitaly replied: «What can I feel when I just found human remains on the site of my home?» Footage shows bones, skulls as well as some clothing and personal items of those who died here. As the head of historical preservation centre of Amur Eegion, Denis Volkov, explained, the bones are not from the 1990s as there is no remaining tissue. The Local Investigative Committee Bureau reports it was a violent death as seven skulls have bullet entry marks. The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case. It is being treated as mass murder. All possible avenues are being examined to determine who these people were and how they met their maker.

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