Russia: Motorcyclist stops man from jumping into traffic on intercity highway

M/S Biker turning backwards 00:27 (UPSOUND): Hey! 00:38 Biker (UPSOUND): Come down! Don't do that. Come here! 00.42 Biker (UPSOUND): Come here. Come down. Let’s talk! 00:46 Biker (UPSOUND): I will give you a ride. I will give you a ride! Let's go! Let's go! 00:54 Biker (UPSOUND): I will give you a ride on motorcycle! Let's go! I will give you a ride on motorcycle! 01:01 Biker (UPSOUND... Еще): I saw you! Let's go! Come on. Come on. M/S Biker getting on motorcycle and riding up overhead road. 01:55 Biker (UPSOUND): Dude! What’s wrong? Let’s have a ride. What happened? 02:08 Person, who stood on overhead road (UPSOUND): Who are you? 02:15 Biker (UPSOUND): Why are you sad? I just wonder how are you. 02:24 Person, who stood on overhead road (UPSOUND): I’m going to my mother‘s funeral and I can't get there in time. 02:25 Biker (UPSOUND): Where is the funeral? 02.28 Biker (UPSOUND): To Smolensk, right? Ok and why are you standing here? A brave motorcyclist Ivan Zolotarev prevented a man from committing suicide on the Minskoe Highway, Moscow region, on Thursday night. While Zolotarev was driving along the road, he noticed a man standing on the edge of an overpass, about to jump down. The motorcyclist started to shout at the man and halted the traffic on the highway. In a few seconds, Zolotarev drove onto the trestle and spoke to the man, attempting to understand what led him to such decision. The suicidal man said he was late for his mother's funeral, as he was hitchhiking from Vladimir to Kursk region. Zolotarev and another driver talked to the desperate man until the police and emergency crew arrived. Ruptly could not verify the authenticity of the video.

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