Russia: Moscow warns against US approach to Middle East, N. Korea

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned against the US’ decision to «step on» Jerusalem as well as its aggressive approach towards North Korea, during a weekly press briefing in Moscow on Wednesday. “Moscow is seriously concerned about the region’s destabilisation, caused by the US Administration’s well-known step on Jerusalem”, Zakharova said when talking on US President... Еще Donald Trump’s decision to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Turning to the subject of the Korean peninsula, the spokesperson said that the US was taking an “unconstructive line” intended to increase the military activity in North-East Asia. She then lampooned the US for its “muscle-flexing.” «We strongly urge all the parties involved, first of all, USA and DRPK, to refrain from any steps, which could contribute to exacerbating confrontation,» she said. The spokesperson urged the aforementioned parties to “begin practical collaboration” imminently in order to search for political settlement. Zakharova then condemned the US for their «enormous hysteria” around a “mythical role of Russia in US». She ended by asking the journalists whether they «really want parity in relation to the American mass media in Russia, the same as you treat the Russian mass media in U.S.?», following the dispute over the stance of journalists as 'foreign agents' in each country.

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