Russia: Moscow wants to reopen communication channels with Washington — Lavrov on Trump-Putin *EXCLUSIVE*

SOT, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister: «Yes, I would be there as well as Secretary [of State] Pompeo. We had a couple of conversations with Mike Pompeo. We discussed what kind of arrangements we should foresee for the meeting in Helsinki and parallel to the meeting between two Presidents, which they want to start one-on-one, we would be meeting with Mike, with ambassadors to Russia and to... Еще the United States respectively and we will discuss any issue which each of us would like to raise. There would be no fixed agenda, but there are obvious items which would certainly pop up.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister: «Well, as things stand now, that's what the American side proposed and we are polite people, so we agreed.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister: «Well, the beginning of normal communications. All channels of, most channels of communications established during last 7, 8, 10 years, have been frozen on very important issues — counter-terrorism, energy, drug-trafficking, cyber-security, many others, Afghanistan, other regional conflict. What we have now is sporadic meetings between diplomats and the military, mostly on Syria. We also have a channel on Ukraine where the aid of President Putin and the special envoy of the United States met several times, but with no visible progress, because our American colleagues try every time they meet with their Russia counterparts to deviate radically from the Minsk agreements which underline the consensus on Ukrainian crisis. But we keep trying and I hope that, we will certainly discuss this issue in Helsinki, but back to your question regarding the ideal outcome. The ideal outcome would be to agree to engage all the channels on all the issues which are divisive on the one hand, trying to see whether we can get closer on those exact topics and also on those issues where we now can usefully co-operate for the sake of interests of the two countries and for the sake of interest of international community like strategic stability, for example.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed his hope that communication channels between Moscow and Washington could be rebooted as a result of the Helsinki meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, in an interview for RT America recorded in Moscow on Friday. «The ideal outcome would be to agree to engage all the channels on all the issues,» he told host Larry King. Russia's top diplomat revealed that he would be accompanying Putin at the summit. However, the two presidents will meet alone, as per a request from the White House. Putin and Trump will meet in the Finnish capital on July 16.

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