Russia: Moscow to deploy military police in Douma — General Staff

Deputy Commandant of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian General Staff Viktor Poznihir blamed anti-government militants of fabricating the chemical attack in Syria’s Douma, speaking in Moscow on Wednesday. “On April 7, the last attempt was probably made to fabricate false evidence of the alleged use of toxic substances by the Syrian authorities in Eastern Ghouta. The odious ‘White... Еще helmets’ acting exclusively in the ranks of terrorists, once again, imitating in front of the video cameras, staged a ‘chemical attack’ on civilians of the city of Douma,” he said. Poznihir reported that Russian specialists have collected soil samples as well as fragments from the alleged use of chemical weapons, which were later examined and found to have no “nerve and chlorine-containing toxic substances”. The general announced as well that, starting from Thursday, Russian military police will be deployed on the streets of Douma.

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