Russia: Moscow to consider retaliatory steps against US sanctions — Zakharova

Spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated that Russia would consider retaliatory measures in response to a package of sanctions announced by the US over the Skripal case. She was speaking during her weekly press conference in Moscow on Thursday. On Wednesday the US administration announced new sanctions against Russia citing Moscow’s alleged use of chemical weapons in... Еще Salisbury as the reason. «There was no answer to a direct question by the Russian representative, who had been invited to the State Department, on whether the investigation into the Skripal case has been completed. So, this whole pyramid of accusations is being built in the absence of any legal basis,» Zakharova said. «The aims of those who are behind the further twisting of the so-called Skripal case is obvious,» she said, adding that they keep «anti-Russian rhetoric alive» and «demonise» Russia. Referring to the erroneously launched air-to-air missile by Spanish aircraft patrolling the Baltic sea, Zakharova said that the alliance’s military activity near the Russian border raises concerns.

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