Russia: Moscow says «political will» imperative to end sanctions standoff spiral

Spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitri Peskov, stated that «a way out» of the escalation of tensions between Russia and the US lies through «the political will to mend relations» as well as the rehabilitation from «political schizophrenia» and an end of the so-called «sanction dictate,» during a phone interview from Moscow, Monday. Peskov went on to note that Moscow «reserves... Еще the right to additional responses»; however, it does not consider it imperative to do so now, because he said that Russia «is generally interested in cooperation [with the US] where our interests meet.» The Kremlin's press secretary also clarified that the number of diplomats who, according to Putin, will have to cease their activities and depart Russia, also includes «individuals who hold a non-diplomatic status and those who were accepted [to the job] on site, that is, Russian citizens who work there.»
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