Russia: Moscow's policy «main force» behind stabilising Syria — Lebanese PM

Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri stated «The main force that was able to stabilise Syria» was Russia and its policy it «took towards the regime, towards fighting ISIS», in Moscow, on Friday. He was speaking during his visit to Russia, where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev to discuss improved military and economic ties between their respective... Еще countries. «We feel that this is going to be a long fight against ISIS and we believe that enhancing our military capabilities is very important», Hariri said, adding «we've had a lot of equipment from Russia so we need to get some much more modern weapons for the Lebanese Armed Forces and our security forces. This fight is something that we need to face and we need to face it with the best technology». The Lebanese leader discussed the provision of military aid with Putin during their meeting on Wednesday with the possibility of preferential purchases in the form of an open credit line to Lebanon. Talking about tensions between Lebanon and Israel, Hariri believed that progress had been made in the implementation of UN Resolution 1701 on resolving the 2006 conflict. However, «Israel keeps on barging into Lebanese airspace, maritime borders, sometimes we find some cameras hidden somewhere in Lebanon, implanted by the Israelis, and this is something that needs to stop», the Lebanese prime minister said.
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