Russia: 'More than 1,000 terrorists have entered the Syria from Iraq' — Russian Ministry of Defence

«From Iraqi provinces Al Anbar and Nineveh, where the US-led coalition is carrying out its anti-Daesh operation, more than 1,000 terrorists with tanks, multiple launch rocket system and artillery have entered the territory of Syria in the vicinity of Abu Kamal city,» said Sergey Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff at a briefing in Moscow, Friday... Еще. Rudskoy went on to say that «in At Tanf area controlled by the US, Syrian government locations were attacked by 450 more IS terrorists» but «terrorists failed to achieve their goals» as a result of «decisive actions of [Syrian] government troops with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces». «Assault units of General Hasan Sukhel with the support of Russian air forces have completely liberated the right bank of the Euphrates to the north-west and west of the [Deir Ez-Zor] city establishing control over the area of 4,600 square kilometres,» added Rudskoy.
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