Russia: Monument to Kalashnikov holding AK-47 installed in Moscow

A monument honouring the creator of the famous AK-47 assault rifle, Mikhail Kalashnikov, was installed in the centre of Moscow, at the junction of Sadovaya-Karetnaya and Dolgorukovskaya streets on Saturday. The 7.5-metre (24.6 feet) monument depicts the iconic Russian gun inventor holding his rifle with both hands. The monument's sculptor, Salavat Scherbakov, who was present during the... Еще installation, spoke about Kalashnikov, «People like him for his tremendous work and intelligence as well as for his warm-heartedness and his closeness to the people. He had a truly Russian soul.» The official opening ceremony of the monument is set to take place on Day of the Gunsmith which is celebrated in Russia on September 19. Arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov created his signature weapon the AK-74 in the 1970's in the Soviet Union. The rifle first saw service with Soviet forces in the 1979 Afghanistan conflict and has since become one of the most widespread small-arms weapons in the world. Between 70 to 105 million units of different types of Kalashnikov Assault Rifles are used in the armies of 55 countries worldwide. Kalashnikov died of heart problems in 2013, at the age of 94.


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