Russia: MoD accuses US of running biological weapons programme in Georgia

Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Ministry of Defence Igor Kirillov claimed that the US is running a chemical and biological weapons programme at the Richard Lugar Research Center near Tbilisi, Georgia. He was speaking in Moscow on Thursday. Kirillov based the claims to MoD's analysis of documents published online by former Georgian State Security... Еще Minister Igor Giorgadze.According to Kirillov, the documents show that total of 73 people died during a short period of time as a result of Washington using the Lugar Center as experimental bioweapons laboratory. «The almost simultaneous deaths of a large number of volunteers suggests that in the Lugar Center, under the guise of treatment, a highly toxic chemical preparation or a biological agent with a high mortality rate was used,» he said. Ruptly has requested further comments from the US Department of Defence and Georgia's Health Ministry, but has not yet received an answer. The MoD's statement comes following accusations that Russia was behind cyber-attacks against a series of organisations worldwide including the OPCW, British Foreign Office and defence laboratories at Porton Down.

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