Russia: MoD accuses countries of hindering return of Syrian refugees for financial gain

Chief of the Russian National Military Control Centre Mikhail Mizintsev has accused «a number of countries» of hindering the return of Syrian refugees so they can keep receiving international financial support. He was speaking during a meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Unit on the return of refugees to Syria in Moscow on Wednesday. «A number of countries create obstacles for... Еще civilians willing to come back home,» he said, without naming the countries in question. «This issue is mostly based on the desire to keep receiving financial support from international funds and contributing countries for accommodating Syrian refugees and keep using them as a low-paid workforce,» he continued. Russian Foreign Ministry representative Nikolai Burtsev spoke about the role of Russia's embassies in Turkey and Jordan. The embassies have been tasked with facilitating cooperation with the Syrian authorities in the return of refugees, while the embassy in Amman «has been tasked with engaging the Jordanian authorities in negotiations with the American side in order to provide access for humanitarian aid to the Rukban refugee camp.» On July 18, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced the opening of two checkpoints for those who want to come back to Syria through Lebanon and Jordan.

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