Russia: Mir diamond mine chief engineer says water inflow 'stable'

A total of 142 miners were evacuated following flooding at the pumping station of Alrosa's Mir diamond mine, in the Yakutian town of Mirni, Friday. During an emergency meeting in Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) confirmed that nine miners remain missing following the incident. Chief Engineer of Mir diamond mine Andrei Cheremnov reported that the floodwaters rose to... Еще chest level at the -210 horizon. Cheremnov noted that there are five people at the -210 horizon, with whom he said «contact has not yet been established,» before adding that the location of the other four people had been established with «a degree of precision.» The chief engineer of Mir diamond mine went on to say that the inflow of water in the open-pit mine was «stable» and that the inflow of more than 1,200 cubic metres of water «is not possible.» Yakutia authorities have reportedly launched an investigation into the incident. It is alleged that a sapped pit filled with some 300,000 cubic metres of water could have caused the flooding in the mine. Some 85 people are involved in the rescue operation, including 56 mine-rescuers. The Mir diamond mine, which was launched in 2009, is operated by Alrosa's oldest enterprise, Mirninski mining and refining facility.

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