Russia: Memorial to fallen British and Soviet WWII pilots unveiled in Arctic

A memorial commemorating 16 Soviet and two British pilots who were killed during World War II was unveiled at a ceremony in the Rybachy Pensinsula, northern Russia, Friday. The pilots, who died in the Arctic during the conflict, were honoured by military personnel from both Russia and the UK with wreaths and speeches. Ian Wheatley, chaplain of the British Naval Fleet, attended the event in... Еще Murmansk and said that the memorial's unveiling was «an incredibly important day.» «Seventy-six years ago two young men from our Navy lost their lives in a fight for freedom and the good men of your country buried them here. It's taken us nearly 76 years to find them and to actually recognise their death, their sacrifice with honour today means a great deal to me and to the people of my Navy,» Wheatley stated.

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