Russia: Matviyenko calls for reform of IOC and WADA

«It's quite natural to think about reforming WADA — the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC),» Chairwoman of the Russian Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko said in Moscow, Sunday. Matviyenko criticized the IOC and WADA for what she called their «inability to act within the framework of democratic procedures, because this is a clear sign of the degeneration... Еще of the original meaning of the Olympic movement, the Olympic spirit of these international organisations.» IOC and WADA «commercialised international sport, the Olympic movement,» she said. «In a certain sense, I would say, [IOC and WADA] turned them into a business, they put profit in first place, not the athletes,» she added. She said, «I am absolutely sure that the principles of the Olympic movement, laid down by Pierre de Coubertin [the initiator of the modern Olympic Games] are still alive and, ultimately, absolutely will win.»


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