Russia: Man left dying on Smolensk hospital floor waiting for help

CCTV footage released on Wednesday shows a man collapsing to the floor and hitting his head in Smolensk hospital, after failing to receive help for 20 minutes. The incident reportedly happened on a night last June after the man had been celebrating his 47th birthday and was assaulted by a group of men in the street. An ambulance took him to the state hospital with a head injury at around 11pm... Еще. The hospital's CCTV footage captured images of him at 04:20am, first opening a door into the corridor and then collapsing onto the floor. A doctor walks past and sees his body but he is not assisted for the next 15 minutes. The patient finally attempts to stand but again falls and hits his head against a chair and the floor. Hospital staff arrive minutes later and attempt to wake the unconscious man before dragging him down the corridor. The man was finally carried away at 04:48am. According to his family, the man was in a coma in intensive care for a total of 11 days before he died. Hospital officials claim that the patient received immediate help, and that he was drunk and had been aggressive towards the staff. The Investigative Committee is investigating the incident.

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